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We Specialize in Dry Cuts & Traditional 


Children 8 yrs & under     $20.00

Deva Curly Girl Haircut     $40.00 and up

* Deva Cut -Come Dry, Down and Detangled, and as Curly as possible

DevaCurl Transformation    $20 add on

* Deva shampoo and conditioning with coaching for curly hair styling

Men & Women                   $20.00-$40.00*

*Depends on Length, Tools, and difficulty.

Taking off more than 8 inches? The hair can be donated to Children with Hairloss.

Bang Trim                          $10.00

Mustache & Beard Trim   $3-$10.00

Split End Cutting               $19.95 w/haircut

                                            $29.95 w/o haircut

*Dry cutting involves flatiron and a special point cutting technique.  Does not include a shampoo.  Please come clean and dry

*Haircuts include shampoo, blow dry and simple style.  If you would like a complete style using curling or flat iron, there is a $5-$10 upcharge.  Styles that require more time are priced under Up-do’s & Styling.

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