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Full Head Color  Short                  $70.00

                              Med                   $85.00  

                              Long                  $100.00

                              Extra long         $115.00

Touch up ½” roots or less            $57.50

Pull Through –refresh ends         $15.00 extra

                                                           & up on long hair

Add Extra Color (Color Blocking)   +$20/Color


Corrective Color                         Based on Consultation

*Color Correction may take more than one visit. $120.00 an hr after intial service.


Clear Coat                                   $40.00


Menz Color                                $35.00

Guy Lights                                 $40.00 & up


Balayage                                   $100.00 & up

*Painting technique that creates a blended root to end look

Freehanding                             $40.00 & up

*Tipping & Painting on Bleach or Color


Bleach Retouch                        $75.00 & up

Bleaching                                  $100.00 & up

Toner                                         $50.00 added to Bleaching process







Full Head Foil Short           $70.00

Med                                      $85.00

Long                                     $100.00

Extra long                            $125.00

Add another Color add       $20.00 /Color

Touch of Color w/Foil         $5.00 each Foil

Chunk of Color                    $20.00 each

Ombre                                 Starts at $90.00

Balayage                             $Starts at $100.00


Bold Colors                        $10.00 each Foil*

*Usually requires a 2 step bleach and deposit process




Top on short hair                $60.00*

Full Cap                                $75.00*

Long Cap                              $90.00*



*Color can be done in multiple colors, patterns, and techniques. We pride ourselves in

our education and experience.*All prices depend on time, difficulty, length, thickness, and amount of product needed.

A consultation can determine the exact price before service is preformed.


We are color certified colorist. check out our Bios and see how much education we attend. We attend more education in a year then most cosmetologist do in thier entire career. We crave new techniques and styles. Our Salon is known for great color! If your unhappy with your hair, We can fix it!

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