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Malibu (removes hard water deposits & chlorine $40.00

~Removes chlorine, minerals and product buildup. This treatment will take 20-40 minutes under heat. Finish included.

Recommended for swimmers

Claypac $30.00*

~Organic clay that is dried into the hair and then rinsed. Adds strength to the hair.

Recommended for weak and fine hair.

Deep Conditioner $15.00

~An excellant conditioner that replaces protein and moisture.

Recommended for those growing your hair long or dry hair.

Scalp Treatment w/massage $25.00*

~A relaxing treatment for hair and scalp. An incredible extended scalp massage and placed under heat so the     conditioner penetrates deeper before rinsing.

Moroccan Argon Oil Trmt. $20.00*

~Oil from the Argon nut is only harvested in Morracco. It leaves the hair silky and conditioned. 3-step treatment.

Ish Ultimate Treatment $40.00

~For hair that is over processed and breaking. This is the only treatment that we've seen repair hair that should be cut off.


Nioxin Scalp Renew $55.00*

~Beautiful Healthy Hair Begins at the Scalp. A fruit based dermabrasion. Treatment will remove scalp build-up and promotes hair re-growth. (Similar to a facial but for your scalp)

Biominoil Treatment $30.00

~Highly recommended after our professional color. Seals the color in. Brace yourself- this will be rinsed in cold water after being under heat.

Duragloss Treatment $40.00

~Conditions while adds volume.  Gloss last 4 to 6 weeks.  Increases hair diameter up to 50%.  Radiant sine. Helps correct cowlicks.

Glazing Teatment (Break the Base) $30.00

~Can lift upto half a level- great for blending highlights and adding shine. Also called Breaking the Base

*Treatments can be added on to a service for a discount.

**Price could increase with the length and thickness of hair because more product is needed.