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When was your last GREAT haircut?

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  Please tell us about your experience with us
 Let me just say Marcella is a Rockstar when it comes to cut and color!! I was in Bermuda on a sailboat and a lady kept staring at me, I smiled at her and she says I have to tell you that you have the nicest highlights I have ever seen and asks me where I get them done. I said well you would have to travel all the way to Michigan to get these "perfect" highlights!! I am being honest and can tell you I was in Maui once and a lady asked me if she could take a picture of the back of my hair to show her hairdresser. What can I say Marcella is the best! Go Marcella!! I drop your name all over the world - LOL! And if you are ever looking for great hair products, Cella Mar Studio's carries all the latest products. My personal favorite is the Aerogel hairspray. I even have all the girls at my Travel Agency using it now. I have to say Cella-Mar Studio has the most welcoming, friendly staff and professional atmosphere. I would highly recommend this fabulous salon in Dundee, Mich. - Tammy Phillips ( Marcella has been my hairdresser for over 20years! )

Shawna is the BEST!!!
She can do what ever cut or color you want, and even if you have "no Idea" she can help you there too.
She is a lot of fun and has a great personality. She can make your day.
The best part is that you'll never leave unhappy with your hair.
Even my finicky teenage boys who never want a hair cut like to go to Shawna.

Teresa M.
P.S. Although my favorite hair stylist is Shawna, All the staff at Cella-Mar is fantastic!!!

Marcella's shop is lovely and her services are very professional. But I appreciate Marcella for still another reason.
She's kind.
When my children missed the Easter Egg hunt at her church, Marcella delivered and hid a whole bunch of eggs in our back yard. When one of our babies was born with scary medical problems, Marcella sent cards and asked her whole church community to pray. When my little gilrs have gone in for simple hair cuts, they've always felt special because of Marcella's attention.
Dundee is glad to have her.

My last great haircut was last week at Cella-Mar. Marcella is family and we all love her.
We have been through a variety of hair cuts. Marcella also nursed my hair through Chemo. I would go in crying and she would have me smiling before I left the shop. Marcella is very professional in all aspects of the business. You will never be treated like a customer at Cella-Mar, you will leave feeling pampered and special.
Thanks Cella.

Marcella's is a great place to go to get your hair done at a reasonable price! I have gone there for many years now and I have never been disatisified. I have been to other places where they charge more and don't do as good a job. The atmosphere is warm and friendly - even though Marcella is the one who does my hair - everyone makes you feel welcome. I had never had an up-do before and Marcella did my hair for my wedding and I was so impressed. I looked like the princess that I was for my special day. I had many, many compliments. I will never go any where other than Cella-Mar Studios.


Cella Mar Studio has a very warm, welcoming atmosphere. I have been going there since Marcella opened the salon and I have always been more than satisfied. Marcella and her staff go above and beyond to make sure I get exactly what I'm looking for. She is also so helpful in explaining different styles and products for my needs and the care that goes with them. I have been taking my daughter in as well and Alyssa absolutely LOVES the way Marcella does her hair and the overall experience. It is a fun, warm atmosphere that always leaves us with the feeling of looking forward to the next visit!

I went to Marcella to get my hair done for my wedding when I first moved to Dundee, and as time went on I went to alot of other places, why I don't know crazy I know and then about a year later I came back after to many bad hair cuts, I have never had a bad hair cut or color,me and my daughter both go and see Marcella and she does great job on our hair, we love going to the salon, thanks for being the best guys!!! EBOONE

SHAWNA - this is the BEST HAIR CUT!!
you always do a GREAT job... but this is an outstanding SUMMER CUT!!
i get so many compliments... every where i go!
so .. "THANK YOU" again!

  A relaxed, friendly and modern environment. The stylists are very capable of doing a simple cut all the way to a formal fancy up-do. My daughter and I have been a client for several years. The stylists always know how to help us make decisions about different looks, cuts, styling techniques, color, etc. We have never been dissatisfied. We enjoy the home like feel and the professionalism with which we are treated. If you are looking for the big city snob approach - don't go here.


If you want a GREAT haircut for a very reasonable price, you should go to
Cella-Mar Studio!  Marcella has been my hair stylist for 15 years. I love going to her salon because she & her staff make you feel so welcome. I’ve taken a photo of how I’d like my hair to look, and it’s cut just like the picture! Professionally, she does a fantastic job and is a good friend! Her receptionist is very friendly & well liked by all the customers.
The staff is trained in current hair trends, and provide other affordable services like pedicures & manicures. Men & children enjoy the service & comfortable atmosphere too.

Cella-Mar Studio is located right in Dundee so it’s easy to find and is open most evenings for appointments. If the staff are with clients & miss a phone call, don't worry, your call will be returned!
Thanks for everything! Nancy


Do you see how crazy people are about the one who cuts their hair at Cella Mar Studio? How they rave about their particular person? Well, there's another artist there by the name of Shawna.
My friend Bill turned me on to Shawna. She is absolutely so much fun to be with. She cuts my hair with great artistry, she listens to what I need and she just does everything to make me happy and guess what, I always leave happy!
If you like young and vibrant. If you like hip and cool. If you like getting pampered in a rock and roll sorta way, Shawna is an absolute treat. You should call her and make an appointment if you're ready to reward yourself for having done something great or you're completely dead depressed and need to be restored to life!
I just let the best secret in Dundee out.
~Michael R