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When was your last GREAT haircut?

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I’m Laura Schuyler—the friendly voice you hear on the phone and usually the first face you see when you walk in the door at Cella-Mar Studio of Hair Design. I’ve been here about 26 years now…it’s been so long we have all lost count.

I’ve worked a variety of jobs ranging from cashier to bank teller and I am currently employed full-time with the University of Michigan as a secretary. However, I can’t stay away from Cella-Mar and its wonderful staff and great clientel. I enjoy talking to the wide variety of people who come through the door. I am also the "behind the scenes" person who keeps the wheels turning—I schedule the appointments, help keep the salon in order and pretty much work as Marcella’s right hand.

If you need to make an appointment, I may be able to squeeze you in if you offer a diet Pepsi as a bribe--Shhhh! Don’t tell Marcella, as you can see by the salon’s decorations, she is a Coca-Cola fan!

If you happen to get the machine, please leave your name and number. Someone will call you back as soon as they can, or I will call you when I get in.